The Benefits of Banding for Promotional Packaging

The Benefits of Banding for Promotional Packaging

Effective promotional packaging should be cost-effective and eye-catching. It also needs to leave your branding front and center for the consumer. Which method is the best fit for packaging a promotional bundle? There are many different ways, and you should find the one that responds to your needs. If you haven’t, now may be an excellent time to consider using banding technology to package your promotional bundles.

Banding systems are a great way to bundle your promotional packages, and these are the few main reasons:


Minimal Cost to Bundle

So, you’re selling a promotional bundle to entice potential buyers with the value. This means you’re already cutting deeply into your margins. Excessive wrapping or boxing methods of bundling the products together will only bite even deeper into your profit margins, and you don’t want that.

On the other side, the banding system for promotional packaging can help you save money because this kind of system is using a minimal amount of banding material. You can bundle your products securely with a single band. So, you don’t have to reduce your profit margins on promotional bundles by too much just for the sake of packaging, since you achieve savings on the material consumed.

You will also achieve energy saving since the banding system requires less energy than a shrink-wrapping system. This is saving your company money on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint as well.


Your Recognizable Brand Stays in the Center

Your customers are identifying your brand at a glance since the exterior of your product packaging is what sets your products apart from others on the shelf. A lot of effort went into the design of your product packaging because of this particular reason.

You don’t want to give up on this benefit by boxing your promotional bundles in a packaging that totally covers up your product’s branding. Imagine your customer going to the store and seeing a bundle pack that he can’t recognize right away. The additional time it takes a customer to figure out that the bundle pack belongs to a trusted brand is the time that they’re moving their eyes to the next item on the shelf, resulting in slower sales of the promotional bundle.

You want branding on products to remain visible because your customers are familiar with it. Banding promotional bundles allow you to do this by making sure that customers recognize your merchandise easily and are more likely to buy.


Ability to Quickly Switch Bundles

Flexibility and adaptability are the best features of product banding systems. These machines can adapt to different product sizes when banding them on the fly.

This benefits you by allowing you to create multiple different promotional offers for two, four, six or more packages of product. Banding system’s ability to dynamically adjust the amount of banding material used to reach the desired tightness, allows you to easily swap different size stacks of cans or other packages without having to stop and adjust the machine (assuming that the bundling material does not have a message on it that requires stacks to be a consistent size).


Frustration-Free Packaging

Opening experience is essential, so once customers have bought the promotional package, you want to make sure they can open it quickly and intuitively. If you have material-intensive packaging options, opening the container will probably involve a lot of extra effort and some frustration. That can be a bit of a turn-off for consumers.

On the other hand, with product banding systems, the removal of the product from the bundle is quick and easy. All a customer has to do is to make a single cut and the contents of your promotional bundle are free for access, which is much better than having to contend with an entire shell of cardboard.

Ease of use is an enormous deciding factor between success and failure in the world of consumer goods.

To conclude: using banding systems is more efficient, better at keeping your brand on display, and more convenient for both you and your customers.

So, make sure to check out our Raptor banding systems, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!