Tetristack Palletizers are designed as self-contained units. Its compactness and lightness allow you to transport, and integrate it into a new or existing packing line quickly, and effortlessly. Tetristack palletizing systems are built to accommodate the most challenging applications – featuring, adjustable infeed heights to match existing conveyors, and a platform design that can be transported with a single forklift. Pallet loader, full pallet discharge, operator friendly HMI with TETRISOFT, docking stations for easy locating, integrated forklift inserts, and adjustable infeed conveyor are just a few of the many advantages that Tetristack will bring to your business.


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General OptionsProduct In-feed optionsEnd Effector OptionsPallet options
Slip/Tier-Sheet RackCase ErectionPail toolBuffer Conveyors
Zero Pressure ProductCase LoadingClamp toolStretch Wrapper
In-feed ConveyorCase SealingFork toolPallet Dispenser
Full Line IntegrationCase ClosingCase/bag toolSlip Sheet Dispenser
ServiceLabelingVacuum tool
Check Weighing
Tetristack Robotic Palletizer Nortech Packaging

More floor space

Tetristack 1

This palletizing system is light, and compact, which remains ideal for small businesses. Featuring one outfeed, this machine is suitable for companies that need to be economic about their floor space, and for companies with smaller manufacturing volume.


Two outfeeds to help your business grow

Tetristack 2

Tetristack 2 is equiped with two outfeeds. We developed this solution for businesses that still need to save their space, while expanding their manufacturing volume.

Palletizer designed for medium businesses

Tetristack 3

Tetristack 3 features slip sheet dispenser, pallet dispenser, stretch wrapper, buffer conveyors, and three outfeeds – ideal for medium manufacturing volume.

Palletizing system for larger businesses

Tetristack 4

Each Tetristack system is equipped with a clamp tool, pail tool, case/bag tool, fork tool, and vacuum tool. This palletizing system has four outfeeds, and since it is great for larger manufacturing volumes – it requires a bit more floor space.

Large demand – more outfeeds

Tetristack 5

Every Tetristack system, regardless of the number of outfeeds, has the following product in-feed options: case erection, case loading, case sealing, case closing, labeling, vision inspection, check weighing, and rejection. Tetristack 5 features five outfeeds, and it is best for companies with a greater packaging demand and more floor space.

Great minds think big

Tetristack 6

Feature slip/tier-sheet rack, zero pressure product in-feed conveyor, and the full line integration service are signature features of all Tetristack systems.  Tetristack 6 is our largest palletizing system with six outfeeds – made to satisfy even the highest business aspiration.