Stick Pack Secondary Packaging Cartoner


Whether you are a big or small company, whether you produce instant beverages, confectionary, coffee, spices and sauces, nutraceuticals or baby formula – Tishma Technologies has right secondary packaging solution for your single portioned products.

Our Vertical Cartoners and Horizontal Cartoners are built to accommodate the most challenging applications providing flexibility, 24/7 operating endurance, quick changeover, high speed up to 1,000 cpm, superior product handling and user-friendly interface.

Stick pack or a stick pouch is a very economical and efficient form of food packaging and Tishma Technologies offers various cartoners, including models TI-50 and TI-60 to receive your packs in any count and provide you your required pack counts (in any count) in the finished cartons.

Having run virtually every carton style on the market (and some not yet on the market), our technological history and design approach provides proven solutions for most applications.

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ModeContinuous Motion
Centers1.875" to 16" depending upon model
SpeedsVariable to 500 CPM, upon model and application
Carton FeedPowered carton magazine and rotary carton placer
Product LoadingArticle buckets articulate in to carton score lines
Sensing Systems No product/ no carton and no carton/ no load (with automatic product discharge)
Carton ClosingStraight or reverse tuck, or hot melt glue
FrameWelded tubular stainless steel of open, sanitary design
DriveServo driven with line shaft
ControlsAllen Bradley PLC and components




Can or bottles

Premade Pouch


All stick sachet/pouch shapes and sizes

As a division of Nortech, LLC, Tishma Technologies designs & manufactures standard and custom built hi-tech food packaging machines and integrated packaging systems with robotic and palletizing equipment. Tishma Technologies machines are used around the world at such elite customers as Abbot, Pepsi, Nestle, Hershey’s, Heinz, Avon and many more influential brands in food & beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and sports industries.

Product Examples

Reasonable Prices For Every Budget

Depending on the size of a stick pack, you can save up to 20% or 40% of material, against 4 side sealed sachet.