Rising popularity of integrated packaging systems

In the past few years, the manufacturing sector has witnessed growth at an average annual rate of 4%. Developing processes that are precise, efficient, and safe are the main demands in this sector. One of the ways to answer these demands is automation.  Demand for fully automated end-of-line packaging machinery is driven by the need to modernize manufacturing facilities and to increase the throughput and operability of machines. These needs are recognized by various end-of-line packaging solution providers that are integrating automation, including Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging.

High labor costs and lack of skilled labor and high turnover are the main challenges for industries in developing countries. With the main goal of achieving a better bottom line, enterprises with profitable businesses are strategizing to reduce costs. Employers are trying to eliminate the need to constantly find and train a new workforce and End-of-line solutions allow them to do that. These solutions also allow employers to allocate the available workforce to more value-adding tasks, which results in reducing labor turnover through improved workplace conditions.

For example, due to the urge to increase production efficiency, the installation of robots in packaging operations at production facilities has increased largely.

Robotic installation in packaging lines provides high-speed efficiency and reduces manual dexterity of product picking, packing, and palletizing.

It increases equipment efficiency at low operational costs and offers impressive returns on investment. When it comes to handling lightweight packaging, robotics can be more efficient. These robots are likely to cause less package damage as compared to conventional packaging methods. Robotic automation offers a lot of value-added benefits, and that is influencing key manufacturers to install robotic automation systems at manufacturing and packaging facilities.

End-of-line Packaging

The end-of-line packaging market can be segmented in several ways. On the basis of technology, we can segment it into automatic and semi-automatic. On the basis of function type, the global market is segmented into standalone and integrated. The standalone segment is further segmented into machinery used for palletizing, carton erecting, packaging and sealing, stretch wrapping, and labeling among others. The global end-of-line packaging market is also segmented based on end-use industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics and semiconductor, and chemical products among others. On the basis of the received order type, the global market is segmented into standard order and customized order.

Top companies in the packaging market, like Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging, are focused on innovation in packaging format and cost-effective solutions. These factors drive demand for customized integrated systems, which offer cost-effective solutions by reducing labor costs as well as innovative end-of-line packaging. In fact, the integrated end-of-line packaging segment has proven to create the highest incremental opportunity. Industries that can benefit the most from customized end-of-line packaging solutions are the food and beverage segment, pharmaceutical segment, and automotive segment.

Crucial factors driving demand for customized end-of-line packaging are the size and design of warehouse and production facilities – manufacturers are in search of compact packaging systems that will help them to save floor space and increase efficiency. Tailor-made, custom systems have proven to be the best solution, because, due to their modular design, they can fit in small and unusual spaces in the production facility.

Integrated systems are our standard. Our horizontal and vertical cartoners, pouch machines, case packers, and robotic palletizers will allow our customers single-source supply for the full end of line packaging requirements.

Horizontal cartoners like TT-60 and TT-600 and vertical cartoners like TT-50, TT-100, TT-400 and TT-912 can be integrated with TT-60-TT and TT-60-TG tray packers, and then further integrated with TT-1200 top-load case packer, TT-1300 side-load case packer or TT-1400 top-load case loading module. This entire system can be further expanded with Tetristack, Microstack or Openstack palletizers. If flexible packaging (stand up pouch or box-pouch) is more suitable for your product, then make sure to check out ROO-100 Pre-made Pouch Fill & Seal Machine and ROO-200 Box-Pouch Fill & Seal machine. Both of these pouch filling machines can be integrated with our case packers and palletizers.


One of the best examples of integrated packaging systems is our latest flour packaging line. This packaging line consists of two ROO-100 Pre-Made Pouch Fill & Seal Machines, two TT-1200 Top-Load Case Packers, and one Tetristack Robotic Palletizer. The raw product (almond and other powdered flours) is measured with the help of a vibratory weigh scale and funneled into a pouch. After the pouch has been sealed and discharged, it is transferred to the case-packing section of the packaging line. Pouches are collated and loaded into a case by a robotic pick-and-place device with a custom EOAT designed to handle pouches. Sealed cases are transferred to a palletizing section, where a Fanuc robot arranges the cases on the pallet in the desired pattern. The pallet is released from a high capacity pallet magazine and dispenser. The robot picks the pallet pad from a separate magazine and assigns it to the pallet. Cases form a row on the conveyor, the robot picks them up and places them on a pallet. When the first layer of cases is formed, the robot inserts a tier sheet and repeats the process until the pallet is full. If you want to see our flour packaging line in action, please, take a look at the video below:


So, do you want all your packaging needs to be catered by one, reliable partner who will make sure that all your equipment is compatible? Take the first step toward increasing efficiency and lowering costs, and become one of many companies that utilized the full potential of Nortech Packaging and invested in an integrated system that provided them with the best, most economical, and highly efficient packaging solution.