Packaging trends and impressions from Pack Expo 2018

Pack Expo 2018 is over, and once again, we are pleased to know that Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging are companies that are in step with the trends in the packaging industry! After a short, but well-deserved rest we are back and ready to share a few trends we noticed at the show!

1. Faster, Smaller, Better!

When evaluating the purchase of packaging equipment a top demand of CPG companies is speed. With tight margins, challenges of finding reliable human labor and demanding and disloyal consumers, this focus on speed makes perfect sense. This is why the demands for high-speed packaging automation keep rising, especially for machines that require minimal human attention and maintenance and occupy minimal floor space. The demands for speed and compactness are exactly what inspired what we exhibited this year: TT-400 high-speed vertical cartoner, MicroStack Ultra-compact Gantry Palletizer, and TT-1200 top-load case packer.

TT-400 is one of our most advanced vertical cartoners and this year you got to see it in action. The TT-400 is available with the UltraTrack high-speed volumetric cup filler, or with the MemoryTrack for computer scale interface and it can reach speeds up to 750 cpm.

MicroStack’s compact footprint allows you to make the most of your floor-space while handling up to 50 cases/minute and 5 picks at a time.

TT-1200 is a compact case packer that features flexible speeds, multiple pack orientations, low case loading height and it can reach speeds up to 16 cases per minute.2. Unbox me

Consumer ‘unboxing experience’ is gaining more and more importance. It’s not enough to just produce a great product; a product also needs to be packaged to evoke an emotional reaction and connection.

Unboxing videos that are being shared online are reaching millions of people and top brands are investing more and more money in creating a total packaging experience. This often requires new and original carton styles and efficient machinery that can handle these innovative packaging formats. We are proud to say that our operator friendly cartoners can accommodate the most challenging applications and that we are ready to face these new challenges of the market.

3. Stand out with stand-up pouch

Stand-up premade pouches are easy to use, convenient, and portable and that is why they appeal to many different consumer demographics. Manufacturers are in love with them as well, because they are light and less costly to store and ship. On top of that, they differentiate products on store shelves and provide a great canvas for marketing.

Premade stand-up pouches are becoming even more prevalent, and many companies are willing to invest in automated pouch fill & seal packaging systems. Ease of use, labor savings and efficiency gains, reduction in waste, and quick changeover to different pouch sizes are just some of the advantages of automated solutions for premade pouch packing. This year it was our honor to showcase one of our own premade pouch packaging machines: ROO-100, an automated solution that saves your time, money and floor space!

4. Cannabusinesses are stepping up the game

Cannabis for recreational use is officially legalized in Canada. To varying degrees, cannabis is decriminalized or legal in the majority of the United States. Industry growers and producers are searching for automated packaging systems that will help them to maintain accurate fill weights, increase their output, and increase their bottom line by reducing labor costs.

Packaging equipment for cannabis is a very young market, but we expect tremendous growth in interest, innovation in packaging-related processes and machinery. As a company that is always one step ahead, we had all this in mind while developing ROO-100 pre-made pouch fill & seal machine and we were happy to see that this machine is gaining a lot of interest among aspiring cannabusinessmen. They also showed great interest in our TT-50 Vertical Cartoner – a perfect packaging solution for bottles of CBD and Hemp Oil.

5. Small businesses are striking back

One trend we have also noticed is that market-share has been improving for small companies, as they are starting to compete with big game players.

The purchasing process is becoming more intelligent, and consumers want products that are healthy, that respond to their specific needs, custom made, and in accordance with their beliefs and expectations. This year we got a chance to see a lot of small companies that are building their success by catering to very narrow niches of consumers. Expansion of e-commerce allows these companies to deliver their products all over the world and the interest for packaging automation is rising among them.

Big players are also doing quite well as their focus has shifted towards searching for more integrations, and end-of-line systems that are faster and more efficient than ever.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at the pictures and video below and grab a piece of the atmosphere at this year’s Pack Expo!