Entering Cannabis market? Aim high with your packaging equipment!

As of now, thirty-six states legalized medical marijuana, and that number will probably rise. At this moment, marijuana is legally available to more than half of the United States’ population. We are shedding our old stereotypes and misunderstandings about cannabis at a rapid pace, and the industry is quite alive and well. This trend is inspiring many entrepreneurs to dream of huge returns from the business of cannabis. But the business of cannabis is more than just the business of seeds, soil, and water. Today’s harvest requires a whole lot of innovation and talent.

Now is the time for producers of cannabis products to start building their brands and marketing their goods to their target consumers. It’s also the perfect time for big and wise decisions since competition is high (pun intended). If you want to get your share of the cannabis market, you better start searching for a way to cut the manufacturing and packaging costs by improving the process. To get your message across about the benefits of your product, you must understand how to package marijuana.

Cannabis Pouch Machine

Finding and choosing the proper cannabis packaging format and packaging system is a crucial part of the business. Packaging serves as your brand’s voice, and it must communicate both the safety of the product and the qualities that set it apart from others. The right packaging equipment is your greatest ally. Whether you are in the business of recreational or medicinal marijuana, packaging systems that cut your costs and save your time and floor space can be one of your competitive advantages. So what is the best packaging format for cannabis?

Stand-up pouches made with strong, FDA-approved laminated layers keep freshness¬†and aroma sealed inside while blocking harmful impacts like moisture, oxygen, and UV light. That is why a pouch is one of the best ways of preserving cannabis. Flexible, stand-up pouches and barrier bags will ensure the integrity of your brand and the qualities of your product remain intact, whether you’re packaging marijuana itself or cannabis edibles. Consumers and retailers search for the next big name in the marijuana industry. Choosing cannabis packaging that allows colors, graphics, and designs to pop will make your brand stand out.

Let’s not forget the safety precautions. Medical marijuana packaging must be childproof and made difficult to open by little ones while preserving the ease of use by adults. Regulations also demand that non-single-use edibles and cannabis products be resealable, so we suggest stand-up pouches and bags that can be heat sealed via heavy-duty zippers. Also, make sure that your cannabis packaging is 100 percent recyclable and landfill-friendly. Environment-friendly packaging appeals to customers who prefer more natural forms of medicine, such as cannabis.

The pouch is also a suitable packaging format for fertilizer and particular nutrients used in the marijuana growing process. Various film layers that work together provide strength and stability for the packaging to stand up independently.

Pouch packaging also requires an efficient and economical pouch packaging machine. Luckily, our ROO-100 pre-made pouch fill & seal machine is the right tool for the job. It is compatible with all standard filling systems, and it can be enhanced with various add-ons. For example, the ROO-100 can be enhanced with a code/date printer which is especially useful for printing serialization codes on medicinal marijuana pouches. To keep your cannabis product fresh for an extended period, the ROO-100 can feature nitrogen gas flushing right before sealing the pouch. Since marijuana is sensitive to high temperatures, the ROO-100 can also cool the area of the pouch that got heated by sealing with the help of a seal cooler.

Cannabis Packaging Efficiency

So, if you are an entrepreneur that aims high, now is the best time to arm yourself with the cannabis packaging equipment that will increase your efficiency. Choose our ROO-100 and get your cannabis on those shelves! Not only will your product stand out, it will also help shed the misunderstandings and misconceptions of this medicinal herb and the booming marijuana market itself.