Anti Corrosion Protection: Epoxy Powder Coatings

The most significant single cause of plant and equipment breakdown in industrial procduction facilities is corrosion. It affects almost everything: machinery, vessels, structures, supports, and pipelines. The main culprit is atmospheric corrosion in the air (oxygen) and water (moisture, humidity, vapor, etc.). However, environmental factors, including high temperatures and pressures and harsh substances, chemicals, and […]

Entering Cannabis market? Aim high with your packaging equipment!

As of now, thirty-six states legalized medical marijuana, and that number will probably rise. At this moment, marijuana is legally available to more than half of the United States’ population. We are shedding our old stereotypes and misunderstandings about cannabis at a rapid pace, and the industry is quite alive and well. This trend is […]

Impacts of the Pandemic on the Packaging Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruption in many industries, and the packaging sector is no exception. In this post, we will look into the critical short and long-term trends that may emerge from this disruption and how it might impact the future of the packaging sector.   Companies are reconsidering sustainable options In recent […]

Automated Vision Systems in Packaging Industry

  In today’s globalized marketplace, automation plays a critical role in maintaining quality in emerging markets while allowing developed countries to manage rising labor costs. Originally, packaging machines were built to automate specific packaging tasks. However, for a long time, these machines couldn’t operate with complete autonomy. Humans still had to perform various inspection and […]

Intertape Polymer Group Announces Agreement to Acquire Nortech Packaging

MONTREAL, QUEBEC and SARASOTA, FLORIDA – February 10, 2020 – Intertape Polymer Group Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the operating assets of Nortech Packaging (“Nortech”) for cash consideration of approximately $36.5 million, subject to certain post-closing adjustments and potential earn-out consideration. All amounts are in US dollars. […]

anti corrosion protection

Anti Corrosion Protection: Epoxy Powder Coatings and Stainless Steel

The most significant, single cause of plant and equipment breakdown in industrial production facilities is corrosion.

Corrosion is something one must bear in mind when considering new packaging automation, especially if: the packaging machine will be exposed to temperature cycling, caustic wash down procedure or corrosive substances.

Cannabis Pouch Machine Packaging

Entering Cannabis market? Aim high with your packaging equipment!

As of now, twenty-four states legalized medical marijuana and that number is expected to grow rapidly. This trend is inspiring many entrepreneurs to dream of huge returns from the business of cannabis. But the business of cannabis is more than just the business of seeds, soil and water. Today’s harvest requires a whole lot of innovation and talent.

Impacts of the Pandemic on the Packaging Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruption in many industries, and the packaging sector is no exception.

In this post, we will look into the critical short and long-term trends that may emerge from this disruption and how it might impact the future of the packaging sector.

Automated Vision Systems in Packaging Industry

Automated vision systems, also known as machine vision systems, provide image-based inspection for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Now, machines and robots can “see”!

There are ever-more applications for vision systems. The type of vision system most appropriate for a particular application depends on several factors: what you’re trying to inspect, the specific properties of your process or products, the speed of inspection, and the budget.

Intertape Polymer Group Announces Agreement to Acquire Nortech Packaging

MONTREAL, QUEBEC and SARASOTA, FLORIDA – February 10, 2020 – Intertape Polymer Group Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the operating assets of Nortech Packaging (“Nortech”) for cash consideration of approximately $36.5 million, subject to certain post-closing adjustments and potential earn-out consideration. All amounts are in US dollars.

Packaging Industry Trends For 2020

The packaging industry is a huge economic generator on a global scale. Demand for the world packaging industry will reach $1.05 trillion by 2024, according to the statistics from the well-recognized Smithers Pira organization. This enormous growth rate is driven by consumer trends and industry trends, and we are going to examine those trends in the following lines.

The Benefits of Banding for Promotional Packaging

Effective promotional packaging should be cost-effective and eye-catching. It also needs to leave your branding front and center for the consumer. Which method is the best fit for packaging a promotional bundle? There are many different ways, and you should find the one that responds to your needs. If you haven’t, now may be an excellent time to consider using banding technology to package your promotional bundles.

Banding systems are a great way to bundle your promotional packages, and these are the few main reasons:

Recyclable Pouch Fill and Seal Machine

Environment-Friendly: Recyclable Stand Up Pouches Are Taking Over The Market

Due to their lightweight nature, stand up pouches are less costly to transport, creating fewer emissions compared to rigid packaging options. Stand up pouches require fewer resources to produce, and they also take up less space in landfills. But, let’s imagine what would happen if they didn’t take up any space at all? Recyclable stand up pouches are a hot new trend, and they present an affordable and sustainable way to package your product.

Trends and Impressions from Pack Expo 2019

Pack Expo 2019 has ended, and it is about time we wrap up our impressions. We got the chance to showcase our latest achievements in the field of packaging machinery, and we also got familiar with the latest industry trends!

The packaging industry is evolving, new technologies emerge, and these are the most exciting trends we noticed…

Nortech Packaging Pack Expo 2019

Nortech Packaging and Tishma Technologies are coming back to Las Vegas

We are continuing our tradition of showcasing our latest accomplishments in the field of packaging equipment on one of the largest events in the packaging industry – Pack Expo. Pack Expo will take place from 23rd to 25th of September in Las Vegas Convention Center, and Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging will be there, featuring their most wanted packaging solutions.

HMI importance in packaging automation

Human Machine Interface And Its Importance In Packaging Automation

When we talk about packaging machinery or packaging equipment, we usually put an emphasis on the machine speed, its features and the range of applications. That is why we decided to use this blog post to discuss the importance of the HMI (Human Machine Interface).

In the following lines, we will go through a short history of human-machine interfaces in the packaging industry and explain the most important aspects of HMI.

Palletizing Strategy

Changing your palletizing strategy: 6 key considerations

Inadequate palletizing processes can have a direct impact on the bottom line and they can ultimately jeopardize customer commitments. Poorly organized and not properly designed palletizing processes create a ripple effect throughout the facility’s operations that can lead to significant consequences.

Since we don’t see ourselves as mere packaging machinery manufactures, but as trusted partners, we want to make sure you select the correct palletizing strategy for your operation. That is why we decided to present the following six key palletizing considerations

5 Reasons To Pack Your Product In A Box Pouch

The next big thing in food packaging is unquestionably the box pouch, also known as flat bottom stand up pouch, the quad seal bottom pouch, block bottomed pouch, side gusset pouch…

Essentially, this type of flexible packaging reduces costs, emulates the shape of a cardboard box and keeps the product fresh for a longer period of time. We are sure that we will soon see this type of creative packaging on store shelves everywhere because the benefits of box pouch are too good to ignore.

Robotic Automation in 2019 – 4 Hot Trends

What once was considered science fiction, is now a reality – especially when it comes to smart industrial robots. According to experts, robots are being equipped with more and more sensors and programming them has never been easier.

This allows robots to take on repetitive or dangerous tasks that were too hard to automate, which was unimaginable just two years ago. This will also be key factors in the future development of the packaging and manufacturing industries.

West Pack Report 2019 – New trends and challenges in the packaging industry

West Pack 2019 Conference and Expo lasted from 5th to 7th of February at the Anaheim, and we were among the exhibitors.

We got the chance to showcase our most wanted packaging solution, the ROO-100 Pre-Made Pouch Fill & Seal machine, to discuss the packaging needs and requirements with our potential clients, and to learn more about industry’s sustainability perceptions, trends, and challenges.

ROO-100 Pre Made Pouch Fill And Seal Machine on West Pack 2019

Nortech Packaging exhibits their most wanted packaging machine at West Pack

Nortech Packaging will be showcasing their most wanted packaging solution at West Pack, West Coast’s largest annual packaging event that will take place in the Anaheim Convention Center from the 5th to the 7th of February.

4 Ways to Benefit From Using a Collaborative Palletizer

Aware of their surroundings and performing multiple types of tasks safely in close proximity to human workers, collaborative robots or co-bots have proven to be a success factor when we talk about technological improvements. There are many ways companies can benefit from using a collaborative robot for industrial palletizing, and the following four are the most important.

Rising popularity of integrated packaging systems

Demand for fully automated end-of-line packaging machinery is driven by the need to modernize manufacturing facilities and to increase throughput and operability of machines. These needs are recognized by various end-of-line packaging solution providers that are integrating automation, including Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging.

Packaging trends and impressions from Pack Expo 2018

Pack Expo 2018 is over, and once again, we are pleased to know that Tishma Technologies and Nortech Packaging are companies that are in step with the trends in the packaging industry! After a short, but well-deserved rest we are back and ready to share a few trends we noticed at the show!

10 Important Aspects of Robotic Palletizers

There is almost no industrial manufacturing setting around the world where products don’t have to be palletized at some point. Many organizations seek ways to automate this process, and what better way to automate palletizing than with a help of a robot? As experts in the field of robotic palletizing and robotic integration, this time we decided to share with you ten important aspects of robotic palletizing systems:

Tishma Technologies, Division Of Nortech Expands Its Exhibit At Pack Expo 2018

Pack Expo is one of the largest and most important events in the packaging industry and Tishma Technologies, a division of Nortech, is using this opportunity to exhibit its most recent machine developments. This year, Tishma Technologies, along with Nortech Packaging, will feature FOUR new machines designed to increase your efficiency!

New eating habits – New market demands

Thanks to the internet, social media and smartphones, we are always available, thus balancing work and life has become quite challenging. We are developing new sleeping habits, new organizational habits, and, of course, new eating habits. Food brands can successfully compete by utilizing innovative packaging solutions in order to offer products that address the change in their customers’ attitudes and lifestyles.

Powder In a Premade Pouch – 3 Things You Should Know

Convenience products are becoming more and more popular,so it is expected that the powder packaging market will continue to grow as well. In order for your packaging equipment manufacturer to provide the best packaging solution for your specific application, there are three main things you need to know about powder packaging…

Pack a bunch in a pouch

Can You Afford Flexible Packaging?

When you compare the cost of a printed stand up pouch versus other types of packaging, what is the best choice? The first thing to have in mind is that all of the costs associated with product packaging are not always accurately reflected in what you pay. So let’s go through the 7 things you might want to consider when trying to figure out the true cost of any type of packaging.

Ready for automation?

Is Your Business Ready for Packaging Automation?

Making the shift from manual to automated packaging can seem like a hassle for new and small businesses, but bear in mind that avoiding the change can cost you even more in the long run. Here are three basic steps that should help you to determine if packaging automation should be the next step for your product and business.

Premade Pouch Fill and Seal

Pre-Made Pouches VS Form-Fill-Seal

Should a small company or startup jump straight into the more complex form fill seal (FFS) technology,or is it better to start with pre-made pouches? We took various factors into account like quality standards, costs, speed, flexibility, expertise required to run a machine and downtime, and these are our conclusions.

Robots Playing Music – Stanford’s AUTOMATICA showcases full robotic potential

We can talk about amazing precision and the wide application potential of robotic arms. We can discuss the number of axis, degrees of freedom and we can list numerous reasons for robotic automation. But no words can showcase the amazing abilities of modern robotics as good as Nigel Stanford’s latest project.

We will exhibit at this year’s WestPack show that will take place in Anaheim, CA, from 6th to 8th of February.

As a company devoted to innovations, we are always happy to introduce our latest accomplishments in the field of packaging equipment. You will get the chance to learn more about the utilization of robotics in the packaging industry, but that’s not all.

Comparing Quotes by Nortech Packaging

Comparing Quotes – Tips by Nortech Packaging

When a product manufacturer is planning to purchase a new palletizer, pre-made pouch machine or any other piece of equipment he is usually asking for multiple quotes. It is very probable that he will almost immediately flip to the price. If the price alone is a deal-breaker, he won’t even take into the account the information on the other pages. However, basing a purchasing decision solely on price can eventually cost him more than he thinks.

Maintenance of packaging machines

Packaging Machine Maintenance – 5 Key Tips

One thing is crucial for longevity and performance of packaging equipment – maintenance. Good maintenance is one way to minimize downtime and keep the costs low. What is the winning formula? The right maintenance plan, good inventory of spare parts, and timely upgrades combined with manufacturer’s support! All you need to do is to implement proper maintenance practices.

Power Saving by NT Packaging

Save power with your packaging lines

How much of the electrical energy you pay for each month is actually used to power your  industrial and packaging lines? Did you know it could be less than half, with the majority of energy leaking through air compressors, outdated equipment and other energy hogs?


All About Pre-made Pouch Packaging

Modern, fast-paced world is all about convenience. That is why the use of flexible plastic pouches is a continuing prominent trend in product packaging. Large companies are turning to simple, traditional bag types; pillow style bags and stick-packs. A simplified packaging process, above all, means costs savings and efficiency increases, which contributes to a larger bottom line.

Tips on Robots by Nortech Packaging

12 things to pay attention to when buying a packaging robot

Since we want to help you make the right choice, we decided to post this short guide on defining parameters of industrial robots, so that you can gain a better understanding of technical descriptions and specifications of each robotic arm. There are a lot of parameters used to describe the features and possibilities of a robot and here are the most important ones.


Palette of pallet use

In the world of packaging, simpler answers are usually the best. Take a pallet for an example. The pallet is a relatively plain flat structure used as a base for the unitization of the products in the supply chain. The MH1-2016 standard defines the pallet as a “portable, horizontal, rigid, composite platform used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load; often equipped with a superstructure.”

Tishma aquisition

Nortech, Inc. acquires Tishma Innovations

We are happy to announce that Nortech has acquired the assets of Tishma Innovations, one of the best single-source provider of case packing, cartoning, and specialty packaging machines.
With the addition of Tishma we intend to expand Nortech’s footprint in the growing  pharmaceutical, food, confection and contract packaging markets and to advance our capabilities as an integrated solutions provider ready to provide full End of Line solutions.