5 Reasons To Pack Your Product In A Box Pouch

The next big thing in food packaging is unquestionably the box pouch, also known as flat bottom stand up pouch, the quad seal bottom pouch, block bottomed pouch, side gusset pouch…

For those who are not in the packaging business, the variety of names might sound confusing, but the name isn’t as important as the fact that this is an exciting new type of packaging. It is suitable for cereal, granola, dry foods, pet food, powders, confectionary, home care products, and many other products. Essentially, this type of flexible packaging reduces costs, emulates the shape of a cardboard box and keeps the product fresh for a longer period of time. We are sure that we will soon see this type of creative packaging on store shelves everywhere because the benefits of box pouch are too good to ignore.

These are the main advantages of this type of packaging:



  1. Box Pouch saves space:

Due to the flexible nature of this package, it saves a lot of space in the warehouse and on supermarket shelves. The flexibility of a box pouch also helps customers to save precious space. Living conditions have changed along with the economy, so now we are facing the need to make more from less, in terms of space. Unlike boxes and cans, pouches and flexible packaging become smaller as the inside product is used up. This provides convenient, easy storage, and consumers absolutely adore this space saving benefit.

  1. The use of Box-Pouch is more economical and eco-friendly

Box Pouch uses less material since more product can fit into a smaller area. This reduces landfill space and lowers costs. It’s not easy to find a bigger advantage than packaging that uses fewer materials while making more space for the product. Pre-made Box pouch manufacturers use 12% less film, which makes the purchase of Pre-made Box-pouches more affordable because it takes much less energy to make them. They also weigh less. Both of these factors reduce cost and make them better for our environment. Simply put: Box pouches use less film yet hold more.

  1. Box Pouch has five sides for high-quality branding

Five different surfaces of the bag are at your disposal to tell the story of your brand with the help of sharp graphics and bright colors. Side gussets mean more space for printing: That extra space can be put to good use to help with branding and sell the product. Extra space allows you to display all the important information in order to be compliant with various requirements, without sacrificing creativity in packaging design.

  1. Box Pouch can be resealable.

Box Pouch keeps the product fresher for longer periods of time after the bag is opened and it is more user-friendly, thanks to the zip lock. The ability for the consumer to reseal the package is important because it reduces the dreaded waste and additional costs that people are trying to avoid. Consumers want to get the most life possible out of their purchases, and box pouch delivers exactly this.

  1. Box pouch eliminates the need for inner and outer packaging layers

Box pouch eliminates the need for outer cartons: The design of these bags takes away the need for outer cartons and thus reduces cost. It also replaces inner layers: Lamination of different types of materials as part of the bag design makes this possible.

Finally, the flat bottom is secure and stable: This makes for easier storage and presentation on supermarket shelves.

If you are a manufacturer considering this package type, keep in mind that you are going to need the right packaging equipment for the job. Check out our ROO-200 Box-pouch fill & seal machine that can pack almost anything into a box-pouch. With high efficiencies, a compact footprint, a wide range of bag sizes and decreased downtime, the ROO-200 will surely satisfy your box-pouch packaging needs!